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Class Policy

  1. NO SMOKING in the building, this includes the lunchroom and restrooms. Field strip any cigarettes smoked outside the building and dispose of filters in garbage containers.

  2. The possession or use of firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on Training Fund property. Anyone reporting for class under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be permitted to attend class.

  3. Theft or willful destruction of Training Fund and/or motel property will result in dismissal from class and/or criminal prosecution. No fighting or horse-play at Training Fund and/or motel. Keep feet off the chairs, tables and walls. No sitting on tables.

  4. Motel disturbances will be cause for non-acceptance at motel for future classes. Extra charges at the motel are the responsibility of the student(ex. telephone calls, food charges, pets, or any additional charges). The hotel is a non-smoking facility. Anyone caught smoking will receive a $200 fine.

  5. While at the motel, room service, movie rentals, etc... are the responsibility of the member to pay via personal credit card. If a member does not present a credit card at check-in, the hotel will shut off those services.

  6. Meal and/or mileage reimbursements, when applicable, are paid on the last day of class, with no exceptions.

  7. Only clean-shaven individuals will be enrolled in Hazardous Waste, Asbestos Abatement or Lead Abatement courses.

  8. Kitchen, supply room, first-aid room, instructor's offices, and front reception office are off limits. Exceptions would be when signing up for classes and Apprentice Coordinator Michael A. Laquatra's office.

  9. Lunchroom is off limits except at mealtime. No visitors are permitted on Training Fund property without authorization from the Training Center or staff.

  10. No one is permitted to operate Back Bay garage doors or temperature controls unless otherwise instructed.

  11. Proper work clothes and shoes(work boots) are required on all hands-on exercises. No shorts, tank tops or cut-offs are to be worn in classroom or during hands-on exercises.

  12. In case of fire, everyone will meet in parking lot.

  13. Call the Training Center if you will be late or canceling your scheduled class.

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