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Hotel Stay Policy

Extended Stay America: 136 Emeryville Drive, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066; Ph: 724-779-7900

  1. The Extended Stay America is a non-smoking facility. Anyone caught smoking will receive a $200 fine.

  2. You are responsible for any and all phone calls you make during your stay at the hotel. Please make arrangements with the hotel staff upon check-out to pay for these charges.

  3. Hotel disturbances will be cause for non-acceptance at motel for future classes. Extra charges at the hotel are the responsibility of the student (ex. telephone calls, food charges, pets, or any additional charges).

  4. While at the hotel, room service, movie rentals, etc... are the responsibility of the member to pay via personal credit card. If a member does not present a credit card at check-in, the hotel will shut off those services.

  5. If there is any damage to your room during your stay, you are responsible for payment of any damage fees upon check-out. This is between you and the management of Extended Stay America. The Training Center will not act as intermediary.

  6. Classes begin promptly at 7:00am unless otherwise noted. Late arrivals and absenteeism during your motel stay will not be tolerated by the Training Center. Please make arrangements with the motel staff for a morning wake-up call or bring an alarm clock with you from home.

  7. Check-out is always on the morning before you come to class. If class ends on Friday, you must check-out Friday morning before you come to class. Remove all of your personal belongings from the room, return your keys and settle any personal charges with the front desk staff. Any room charges beyond the end of the course will be your responsibility to pay.

  8. Remember that every individual represents the Laborer's craft as a whole. Please conduct yourself in a professional & courteous manner at all times.

  9. Check-in time is 6:00pm on Sunday, or right after class if you are checking in on Monday. If you will be late, please call Extended Stay America and let them know what time you will be there so they don't give your room away. When you check-in, give them your name and tell them you're with the Training Center.

  10. The Hotel Stay Policy for those members living 70 or more miles from the Training Center remains unchanged. Those living between 60 and 70 miles from the Training Center must report to class on the first day of their scheduled class, then check-in to the motel after class is finished. THERE WILL BE NO HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR THE NIGHT BEFORE

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