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Highmark Vaccine Information

As always, our Training Center staff will continue to work hard getting the building ready every day for students by cleaning and disinfecting. We will continue to follow CDC and Pennsylvania State guidelines and procedures in order to provide the safest training environment we can. We will also continue to use the following procedures:

  1. We will be following social distancing guidelines, maintaining 6 feet between everyone. Congregating around the coffee/snack area and hallways will be discouraged.

  2. Classes will be kept to 12 members max.

  3. Proper hygiene, including frequent hand-washing, will be emphasized.

  4. Everyone in the building will be required to wear a mask, issued by the Training Center, unless you have one of your own.

  5. During each break, the classroom will be disinfected by staff.

  6. If you need to sign up for a class, you will need to fill out what you would like on paper, and that will be given to the front office staff.

  7. No one is permitted in the front office area.

  8. The cafeteria will have social distance procedures in place. Seating will be spread out, and lunches will be staggered if necessary.

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