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Updated: May 25, 2022

The Western Pennsylvania Laborers' Training Center is always looking for new opportunities to train its members. Now, more than ever, Laborers need to have the proper training and certifications to perform their jobs. Learning new skills and technology are ways that you, the member, can make yourself even more of an asset to contractors looking for a skilled workforce to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

As such, we have added the following courses to the curriculum at our Training Center.


An 8-hr course providing information regarding hazards associated with work activities such as concrete sawing or stone cutting, or materials which contain silica. Topics include: history of silica & its properties, health effects of exposure, regulations & guidance, work practices & determinations of silica.


This 8-hr program is required on some liquid gas lines. Tasks covered are: Abnormal operating conditions (AOC) & pipeline maintenance.


Course provides in-depth training on becoming a Construction Craft Laborer Foreman. Topics include: foreman’s role assuring crew & job site safety, record-keeping & documentation, project planning & management, employee supervision, and proper communication.


This 40 Hour course covers commercial print reading for both Heavy/Highway and Building Trades jobs. This is a more intense course than our basic blueprint reading class. Emphasis is placed on site work, structural construction, reinforced concrete construction, mechanical & electrical systems, and finish construction. It is recommended, but not required, to have one of our basic blueprint classes first.


This 40 Hour intensive course combines classroom training and extensive hands on field exercises in the principals of operation, application, and measuring techniques used in GPS Systems as well as C.O.G.O. (coordinate geometry) software functions.

Note: A passing grade of 80% on both hands on exercises and exams is needed to pass this class.

Pre-Requisites: 24 Hour Line & Grade, 24 Hour Blueprint (Heavy/Highway)

LINE & GRADE (Advanced):

This 40 Hour, in depth course is designed to further the skills and knowledge learned in the basic 24 Hour Line & Grade class. Topics covered include stoking procedures, curbs & gutters, and using construction instruments (level & transit) to perform field layout related to Heavy/Highway construction. Students will be introduced to the advanced mathematics (Geometry & Trigonometry) principals needed when performing field layout and their uses as a basis in GPS Training.

Pre-Requisites: 24 Hour Line & Grade, 24 Hour Blueprint (Heavy/Highway)

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